Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies refer to any herbal preparation made with the intent to treat, prevent, or relieve a physical ailment. Our Herbal Remedies Guide is a compilation of do-it-yourself recipes to help you better gain the medicinal benefits of our featured herbs.

What Are Herbal Remedies Good for?

Herbal remedies are designed to provide the easiest possible way of consuming the medicinal compounds found in many herbs. They allow for more accurate dosage control than just eating the herb in its raw form, skip the extra calorie consumption, and make any unpleasant taste more palatable.

Types of Herbal Remedies

There are different ways to prepare herbal remedies, and these are commonly adjusted depending on personal convenience. However, the ideal presentation will vary depending on the specific ailment you want to treat, on the specific part of the herb you will be using, or the molecular structure of the herb's active compound.

Oral Presentations

These types of herbal remedies are taken by mouth, so they can reach different parts of the body once absorbed. This makes them more versatile and possibly more popular.

  • Infusions and tisanes are very easy to make and apt for when you want to use leaves or petals
  • Decoctions are better when using bark or roots thanks to their longer simmering time
  • Tinctures are the strongest, but they make long-term use easier
  • Syrups are usually preferred for throat and mouth symptoms or to mask bitter tastes

Topical Presentations

These forms are designed to be absorbed through the skin, and they frequently overlap with cosmetic treatments or products. However, also they provide quicker relief for certain lesions.

  • Baths are frequently used for relaxation or treating muscle fatigue
  • Poultices and compresses are mostly used to fight acute and localized pain
  • Ointments or creams are useful against skin lesions or for long-term prevention

Herbal Remedies can be a great addition to your arsenal on the quest for a healthier lifestyle. Please feel free to browse our collection and try them out!

What herbal remedy are you looking for?