Natural Body Lotions & Butters

Natural Body Lotions & Butters

To extend their shelf life and make them more attractive to customers, many store-bought body lotions and moisturizers contain a whole lot of fillers and preservatives. Since what we put on our skin is as important as what we eat, many people shift their attention towards DIY skin care that contain herbal ingredients, many of which have medicinal properties. Check out our collection of all natural body lotions and whipped body butters to easily make at home, and treat your skin with the best quality herbal products.

Best Natural Moisturizers

Suffering from cracked and flaky skin? You are in desperate need for some herbal remedies! Give these natural moisturizers for dry skin a try and give your skin a well-deserved pampering.

Best Natural Body Lotions for Healthy Skin

Homemade body lotions contain absorptive oils and aromatic plants with numerous health benefits. They can include anything from fruits and vegetables to flowers and barks, keeping your skin glowing with health.

Favorite Homemade Body Butters

Whipped body butters feel like heaven on the skin and give it excellent hydration. They are easy and fun to make and can be easily customized to include your favorite herbs.

When searching for a body lotion, consider making it yourself using your favorite skin-softening oils and aromatic herbs. Homemade body lotions and whipped body butters are cost-effective, and you can control what goes inside. Since each skin has different needs, don't be afraid to experiment with different ingredients to find a composition that works best for your skin type. Your soft and healthy skin will be the best testimony to the medicinal power of herbs.