Herbal Salves & Balms

Herbal Salves & Balms

Natural salves and balms are made with oils derived from plants as well as beeswax, medicinal herbs, and aromatic essential oils. These topical preparations are very similar in their effects and slightly different in their texture due to small variations in their composition. Because they are made with plant-based ingredients recognized for their healing abilities, applying them directly on the skin allows their curative nutrients to be efficiently absorbed to bring about relief. Take a look at our collection of healing salves and balms to find one that works best for you.

Homemade Salves & Balms for Common Illnesses

Rubbing herbal balms or salves on the skin when you're under the weather is triply therapeutic as it improves circulation, soothes, and allows healing nutrients to penetrate the skin, relieving bothersome symptoms.

Skin-Healing Herbal Ointments & Salves

From muscle pain and insect bites to dry skin and eczema, there is virtually no skin condition that herbal ointments and salves can't heal. These nourishing topical preparations are a must-have for skin repair and protection.

Wound-Curing Natural Salves & Balms

Herbal balms and salves make a great remedy for minor cuts and scrapes as their all-natural ingredients have anti-microbial abilities that can speed up the healing process and prevent infections.

Besides being effective healing remedies, herbal balms and salves are also great skin moisturizers since they are made with natural oils. They don't contain irritating ingredients, which is particularly helpful for those with sensitive skin and allergies to common additives in commercial cosmetics.