Healthy Recipes

This collection of Healthy Recipes includes nutrient-rich and delicious ways to incorporate more herbs with remarkable properties into your diet, with an emphasis on fresh and natural ingredients, as well as slimmed-down versions of classic dishes.

What Makes a Recipe Healthy?

The definition of "healthy" is still too wide - or too narrow - for large numbers of people. For our collection of Healthy Recipes, we have chosen nutrient-dense foods that will allow you to build balanced and fulfilling meals. We have included as many fruits and veggies as possible, as they are the foods that retain the highest share of vitamins and micronutrients. We have also privileged heart-healthy unsaturated fats and whole grains.

Last but not least, we have strived to include a substantial amount of edible herbs, since many of them contain unique supporting compounds in addition to standard nutrients. To learn more about the basics of healthy eating, visit our Health & Nutrition page.

Types of Healthy Recipes

In order to empower you in making healthy choices no matter the circumstances, we have selected recipes suited for all three daily meals, with diverse entrees and side dishes alike:

  • Our Smoothies will give you new ways to pack up on fruits and their benefits
  • Sandwiches and wraps are ideal to get a fiber and protein fix, either for lunch or breakfast
  • Salads are known as the quintessential healthy dishes because of their fresh fruit and vegetables
  • For wintertime, our soups and stews will still be healthy and full of veggies, as well as comforting
  • Our main dishes are protein-based, but they keep full flavor and all their health benefits

Wholesome eating is an important tool for you to enjoy a balanced lifestyle, so feel free to browse through our collection of healthy recipes and choose your favorite ones.

What healthy recip are you looking for?