Healthy Soup Recipes

Healthy Soup Recipes

During cold winter months, we naturally reach for a comforting bowl of soup to warm us up. But easy and nutrient-dense soups make for a wonderful meal all year round. Check out our delightful recipes to make healthy soups your new, yummy favorite!

Heart-Healthy Soups

Healthy soups can not only get you through colds and flu with more ease, but can also improve your cardiovascular system when made with heart-supporting ingredients.

Easy & Healthful Soup Recipes

Concentrating nutrients in delightful soups is an easy and healthy way to increase your veggie intake. It is also a clever way to sneak in a handful of herbs and grains and benefit from their medicinal properties.

Healthy Vegetarian Soups

If you are vegetarian, sometimes you might feel like you ran out of ideas to make your meals more exciting. Healthy, meatless soups can easily bring some variety of new textures and flavors into your daily diet!

Light & Creamy Soups for Diet

Healthy soups are rich in dietary fiber, which makes them a wonderful meal idea for those trying to slim down their waistline. Creaming your veggies can transform your ordinary soups into smooth and delicious comfort food while still keeping diet-friendly.

Healthy soups can become handy when you're running on a tight schedule, and you want to prepare your meals for a few days in advance. To make your soups more substantial, you can make them with whole grains, like quinoa or millet, throw in some croutons, or grab a slice of fresh, crusty bread.  You might have just discovered your new, healthy obsession!