Whipped Feta with Blistered Tomatoes

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Whipped Feta with Blistered Tomatoes
General Information
  • Dips & Spreads
  • Savory
  • 11 minutes
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Free
  • 6 servings


  • 8 ounces of feta cheese
  • 3/4 cups of greek yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil (divided)
  • 1 cup of cherry tomatoes
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Black pepper (to taste)
  • Salt (to taste; optional)
  • Basil (fresh for garnish)


This easy and flavorful appetizer combines creamy and tangy feta cheese with juicy and garlicky tomatoes. Served with homemade naan or some crusty bread, it is perfect for any occasion, from a casual picnic to a fancy dinner party.

  1. Place the feta cheese, Greek yogurt, and lemon juice in a food processor. Blend. With the processor running, add one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and process until the mixture is creamy and smooth.(5 minutes)
  2. Transfer the whipped feta into a serving dish. Set aside.
  3. In a skillet, heat the remaining one tablespoon of olive oil over medium-heat heat. Add the tomatoes and let them cook for two minutes, without stirring.(2 minutes)
  4. Add in the garlic, black pepper, and salt (optional since the feta cheese is salty). Give it a stir, and let the tomatoes cook for another 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally.(3 minutes)
  5. Top the whipped feta cheese with the tomatoes and their juices. Garnish with fresh basil and drizzle with the remaining olive oil. Enjoy!(1 minute)