Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

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Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
General Information
  • Title Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
  • Author Michael Murray
  • Secondary Authors Joseph Pizzorno
  • Date 1998
  • Publisher Three Rivers Press
  • Edition Revised 2nd edition
  • Pages 946


About the Book

This volume contains copious information on natural healing for over 70 conditions and symptoms. It begins with the four cornerstones of good health, including details on nutrition. It then explains how to support the body's key systems and overall health, which is complemented by information on stress management. The bulk of the book is sorted by ailment. It explains the symptoms and causes and gives a holistic treatment picture, including dietary improvements, herbal remedies, and any other applicable natural treatments.

About the Authors

Michael T. Murray is a naturopath and a lecturer at Bastyr University. He also runs a private practice and has written over 20 books during his career.

Joseph Pizzorno, Jr. is a naturopath, as well as one of the founders of Bastyr University. The authors have also co-written the book Textbook of Natural Medicine.

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