American Journal of Botany

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

American Journal of Botany
General Information


About the Journal

The American Journal of Botany is the most important publication by the Botanical Society of America. They publish peer-reviewed articles and studies on botany and related topics, from plant biology to ecosystems, as well as information on significant allied organisms (such as cyanobacteria or lichens). They have been releasing new issues monthly since 1914, and are indexed in JSTOR and PubMed. They also provide access to their online editions for researchers in developing countries through Hinari, Agora, and the DC Principles programs.

About the Organization

The Botanical Society of America is a registered non-profit organization founded in 1893. Their mission is to promote, encourage, and aid the study of plants and their relationship with their biosphere and to educate the general audience on the importance of plants for the ecosystem, as well as to foster communication within the different branches of the professional botanical community.

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