Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Smoothie Recipes
  • Author
    Lee Anne Dobbins
  • Date
    12 Aug 2014
  • Publisher
    Lee Anne Dobbins
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About the Book

Healthy Smoothie Recipes is a compilation of healthy and simple smoothie recipes, all based around combining nutritional fruits and medicinal spices. These smoothies offer much more than just a fulfilling breakfast option or a good dose of vitamins and minerals: the unique compounds in their ingredients can help different health problems and improve all-around wellness.

About the Author

Lee Anne Dobbins is a food blogger who loves nutrition as much as she respects the time demands of modern life. In order to collect the recipes in this book, she spent years studying nutrition and patiently testing the recipes herself. She believes that the right combination of ingredients, when added to everyday food, can greatly improve your body.

Featured Herbs

  • Nutmeg