Special Date: Mediterranean Diet Month

Special Date: Mediterranean Diet Month
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  • Post Date 14 May 2015


May is International Mediterranean Diet Month, as it marks the 22nd anniversary of the introduction of the Mediterranean Diet and its companion, the Med Diet Pyramid, to the U.S. audience. The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid was developed by a Oldways, a food and nutrition nonprofit, and backed by the Harvard School in Public Health and the World Health Organization in May 1993. They based themselves on the traditional Mediterranean pattern of eating and provides a quick, visual guideline for the types and frequency of foods which should be enjoyed every day.

The Mediterranean diet is not only recognized an "intangible cultural heritage" by UNESCO, but is also regarded as one of the healthiest eating patterns around the world. In contrast to the Standard American Diet, which is usually higher in red meat, processed foods, and sugary desserts, the Mediterranean way includes more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains; it also replaces red meat, butter, and lard with fish, poultry, eggs, and olive oil. It emphasizes seasonal, fresh, and locally grown foods, and combines them with a moderate amount of red wine and regular physical activity - two other pillars of the Mediterranean lifestyle which are shown to be excellent for heart health.

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