4 Digestion-Friendly Culinary Pairings

By Noelina R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

4 Digestion-Friendly Culinary Pairings

Although ingesting food is necessary for survival, digestion is just as important. The body has to absorb the nutrients and then discard the excess, unwanted leftovers. If you do not get the proper nutrients from fibrous foods, your gastrointestinal health will suffer. Because the body's systems are so intertwined, if digestive health suffers, the whole body is affected. For example, constipation can heavily weigh you down by zapping all your energy and leaving you fatigued. Luckily, there is an array of carminative foods that can naturally regulate digestion, and are delicious too!

1. Ginger & Rice

Have you ever considered sprinkling ginger on a bed of rice? Ginger is a digestive stimulant that is used to reduce flatulence and relieve nausea. Fresh ginger root contains enzymes that enhance digestion in the body and improve overall health. Next time you find yourself in the kitchen, whip up some clove and cinnamon basmati rice, and sprinkle a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger on top. Ginger's spicy kick will make a fine addition to this delicious dish.

2. Thyme & Whitefish

Thyme is a popular herb for its carminative properties. Often used in the culinary realm, thyme increases circulation in the digestive tract and has proven effective in healing gastrointestinal-related issues. When paired with a healthy and lean whitefish, such as pacific halibut or swordfish, your taste buds are in for a treat.

3. Rosemary & Beef

Rosemary has many different uses: it aids digestion, soothes stomach cramps, and prevents flatulence. Its properties are often used to add fragrance to culinary creations, and its essential oil is likewise very popular. A swig of rosemary can add spice and color to an otherwise ordinary dish, and it's a great complement to the savory qualities of beef or veal. Try a little extra rosemary next time you make a healthy mincemeat pie.

4. Sage & Pork

The Chinese once used sage to stimulate and improve digestion. Today, the herb is used for so much more, including cooking. Sage tea is popular for soothing joint pain and preventing hot flashes, as well as improving weak digestion. Because of its flavorful taste, sage goes fantastic with pork and onions to make the classic thanksgiving stuffing.

Pair any of the above herbs with a dish of your choice and you won't regret it. Mix and match to find a taste suitable to you and yours.


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