Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas

By Ximena L. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas
General Information
  • Title Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas
  • Author Brenda J. Ponichtera
  • Date circa 11 Aug 2008
  • Url http://www.quickandhealthy.net
  • Publisher Small Steps Press
  • Edition 3
  • Pages 334


About the Book

Quick & Healthy Recipes and Ideas is designed for anyone who wants to eat healthier but doesn't have a lot of time or is not an experienced cook. This third edition offers many time-saving tips alongside easily-understandable nutritional data, tasty low-fat recipes, and 20 weeks' worth of easy menus - alongside the necessary grocery lists! Perfect for anyone trying to casually lose a few pounds, but it also had great recommendations for those battling heart disease or diabetes. It is a great cookbook for dietitians and physicians looking for practical instructions for their patients.

About the Author

Brenda J. Ponichtera is a registered dietitian and award-winning author. Her busy private practice in Oregon specializes in diabetes, weight loss and heart disease - and her books have drawn inspiration from many years of clinical experience. As a medical professional and teacher, Brenda has focused on helping people develop healthy eating habits.