Prescription for Nutritional Healing

By HerbaZest Editorial Team | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Prescription for Nutritional Healing
General Information
  • Title Prescription for Nutritional Healing
  • Author Phyllis A. Balch
  • Date 2010
  • Publisher Avery Trade
  • Edition 5th
  • Pages 904


About the Book:

This updated guide contains extensive information on nutrients, health, and the effect on diet on disorders and well-being. It explains both traditional remedies and the recent research in the field of nutrition. Nutrition has an inherent link to health and disease, which this guide explains.

About the Author:

Phyllis A. Balch is a long-time advocate of natural therapies as well as a nutritional counselor. She has written several books on natural health, including Prescription for Herbal Healing.

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