Digestive Wellness for Children

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Digestive Wellness for Children
General Information
  • TitleDigestive Wellness for Children
  • AuthorElizabeth Lipski
  • Date2006
  • PublisherBasic Health Publications
  • Edition1st
  • Pages342


About the Book

Digestive Wellness for Children is divided into four distinct parts, so it is easy for a parent to navigate when they want specific information on certain aspects of their child's digestive health. The overriding themes of the book are an overview of children's health issues that could be encountered, nutrition awareness, what you can feed your child to benefit their gastrointestinal health, and natural healing options for the many issues caused by poor digestive health.

About the Author

Elizabeth Lipski has a PhD in clinical nutrition and is a qualified clinical nutritionist. Her main area of work over the years has been holistic and complementary medicine. She has also authored a number of books related to health.