American Heart Association

By Rhona S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

American Heart Association
General Information


About the Organization

The American Heart Organization is a volunteer organization devoted to the prevention of heart disease, stroke, and premature mortality related to these conditions. It was founded in 1924 by a team of six cardiologists, but it has now grown to over two million volunteers and supporters, divided among 156 local offices across the United States. Most of their work is geared towards general public education in order to empower citizens to make the best choices for their heart health, but they also fund research and provide science-based guidelines for the treatment of chronic heart conditions. They are also the nation's leading center for CPR training. Their current president is Mark Creager.

About the Site

The official website for the American Heart Association is an excellent resource on heart conditions, their treatments, and healthy lifestyles to prevent them. They also provide up-to-date news on the latest research and therapeutic advances in the field of cardiology, as well as information on upcoming educational events - for the general public, caregivers, and health professionals alike.

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