Agricultural Economics

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Agricultural Economics
General Information
  • Title Agricultural Economics
  • Author H. Evan Drummond
  • Secondary Authors John W. Goodwin
  • Date 2009
  • Publisher Prentince Hall
  • Edition 3rd


About the Book:

This textbook provides ample information on the food system, macroeconomics, marketing, farming, and the environment. It also includes explanations on how microeconomics relates to food and agriculture, all the while supplementing said explanations with real world applications. The book covers many topics, giving a thorough overview of agricultural economics.

About the Authors:

Dr. H. Evan Drummond, affectionately nicknamed "The Food Dude," is a professor at the University of Florida, where he also directs the Honors Program. He has also been awarded national Teacher of the Year by the American Agricultural Economics Association.

Dr. John W. Goodwin was a professor of agricultural economics at the University of Arkansas, During his career, he served as a U.S. congressman from Oklahoma and the executive director of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service in that state. He also authored Agricultural Price Analysis and Forecasting.