New Study: Lemon Juice Enhances Properties of Berries

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  • Post Date: 26 Sep 2014


Lemon enhances the properties of berries!

This study focused in using lemon juice to enhance the antioxidant properties of different exotic berries. The best combinations involved mixing either maqui berry or acai berry with lemon. Both blends increased antioxidant capacity against different types of free radicals. To learn more, go to:

New Beverages of Lemon Juice Enriched with the Exotic Berries Maqui, Aça, and Blackthorn: Bioactive Components and in Vitro Biological Properties

The research focused in lemon juice as an properties enhancer of different exotic berries. The best combinations with an incrementation in antioxidants was maqui berry and lemon and acai berry and lemon.

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