A New Crunch in the World of Apples

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

A New Crunch in the World of Apples
General Information
  • 24 Oct 2014
  • USA
  • University of Minnesota
  • Bedford, D. & Luby, J.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a new type of apple: an offspring of the University's famous Honeycrisp apple. Temporarily named MN55, the new apple ripens a full month earlier than the Honeycrisp, which would allow everyone a head start on this fruit's amazing nutritional properties!

Combining Flavor and Convenience at UMN

A team of researchers, led by David Bedford and Jim Luby, at the University of Minnesota have been working on developing a new type of apple since the late 1990's that is in the beginning stages of being marketed on a larger scale. The new apple, temporarily named MN55, is similar to the University's previous apple creation - the Honeycrisp. MN55 is a cross between the Honeycrisp and the MonArk - combining flavors, texture, and ripening dates from both apples. MN55 is predicted to do well in the apple market because of its early ripening date (late summer). MN55 can store for four to seven months.

When Can You Expect to Find MN55 Around?

MN55 will probably not be available for sale in grocery stores nationwide until 2018, but Minnesota growers and orchards are able to grow and sell the apple now. It is interesting to see how this new type of apple will impact the market. JP Jacobson, the vice president of the Minnesota Apple Growers Association, predicts that MN55 will be a "home run" and whoever sells the product will see a financial boost.

Washington-based company, Stemilt Growers, is licensed to market the new apple nationally. Roger Pepperl, who is the marketing director at Stemilt Growers, expects to begin shipping the new apple to grocers within the next few years. Although this new top-quality cultivar is yet to be "properly" named, it is worth to keep an eye on its debut.


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