Relaxing Herbal Bath Soak

Updated: Nov 04, 2020

Relaxing Herbal Bath Soak
General Information
  • Baths & Soaks
  • Topical
  • Easy
  • 5 minutes
  • 2 cups



Once in a while, we all need a little break from daily stresses and anxious thoughts. And what a better way to unwind after a long day than soaking in a relaxing bath with aromatic herbs! This herbal bath soak is great for inducing a deep state of relaxation, reducing stress, and promoting tranquility. The addition of oats helps soothe the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and transfer to a container. Store in the bathroom.(5 minutes)

There are three ways to add the herbal mixture to your bath.

  • If you have a fine bathtub drain strainer, you may add two tablespoons of herbs (or more) directly into the water.

  • You may also simmer ¼ cup of herbs in ¼ gallon of water on the stove for 10 minutes. Then strain the liquid and add it to your bath.

  • Or you can place two tablespoons of herbs in a pantyhose leg, tie a knot, and throw into your tub so that it can slowly infuse the water.