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100% Organic & Pure Superfood

Ouramaranth is sourced directly from farmers in its place of origin, the Andean regions of Peru. The seeds grow on large purple flowers on amaranth bushes.

A Wholesome & Convenient Addition to a Healthy Diet

Amaranthflakes are obtained through an organic process involving simply rollingthe amaranth seeds into soft yet slightly crunchy flakes, which preserves their nutritional value and gives them culinary versatility.

A great addition to your active lifestyle!

  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Smoothies & juices
    Smoothies & juices
  • Yogurt & cereal
    Yogurt & cereal
  • Baked and non-baked goods
    Baked and non-baked goods
  • Savory dishes
    Savory dishes

How to use it

HerbaZest Amaranth Flakes are a quick, nutritious, and easy-to-use idea for a wholesome meal that can enrich one's daily diet. Their delicate texture and mild flavor is best enjoyed in a variety of food preparations, such as:

  • Baked & non-baked goods
  • Yogurt & cereal
  • Savory dishes
  • Smoothies & juices
HerbaZest Amaranth Flakes Exotic and Delicious, Fiber, Low Sugar Content

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5

8 customer ratings

Amaranth Flakes 1LB

8 customer reviews

October 15, 2019
Size: 1LB | Verified Amazon Review
I use for cookies.
Leslie Kneafsey
September 30, 2019
Size: 1LB | Verified Amazon Review
This is a great product but just too expensive.
Raquel Portes
September 26, 2019
Size: 1LB | Verified Amazon Review
This amaranth flake is a delicious complement to my cakes, pies, and cookies. The product was delivered within a few days and arrived in good shape. I do recommend it in order to have a more nutritious meal.
September 18, 2019
Size: 1LB | Verified Amazon Review
I use the amaranth flakes for hot cereal in the morning. Not on it, but AS it. Just stir it into boiling water and let the flakes fully soften and soak up the water. Treat it as you would oatmeal by adding honey, milk, peanut butter, cinnamon or whatever else sounds good. I wasn't sure it would work as such, but this serves my intended purpose, which was to have more choices for a hot breakfast. It has the same wonderful taste as whole amaranth, but it cooks soooo much faster this way.
Mr B.
September 16, 2019
Size: 1LB | Verified Amazon Review
Ordered this to use in homemade granola. It turned out very well, was tasty and highly nutritious.
Mr B.
September 05, 2019
Size: 1LB | Verified Amazon Review
The amaranth flakes were very fresh and flavorful. I used them in granola which came out superb.
Mom E
September 03, 2019
Size: 1LB | Verified Amazon Review
I'm on an elimination diet and can't eat oats or rice; so we used the Amaranth Flakes and quinoa flakes to make a granola cereal. Baked with (real) maple syrup and add dried strawberries and the granola turned out great. Best thing on my menu right now.
Nicole G. Harrison
August 27, 2019
Size: 1LB | Verified Amazon Review
The product arrived quickly. I enjoy adding it to my morning oatmeal. It gives it a nice flavor. No negatives.

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